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About us

Interregional Testing Center (ITC) was found in February 2013 by former management and staff of VNIIMS who were responsible for developing and implementing scientific, methodological management of Rosstandart’s System of the type approval of gaming machines from 1999-2012.

Within the parameters of the System mentioned above, based on the old version of Law of Russian Federation of April, 27, 1993 N 4871-1 “On assurance of measuring uniformity” which was valid until 2008 and that included gaming machines in the field of state metrological regulation, we developed and implemented Regulations for type approval testing of gaming machines with monetary winnings and for inspecting them for conformance to the approved type (PR 50.2.023-2000). This was approved by Gosstandart on 24 January 2000, through the issuance of N 22 (with amendments approved by Minpromenergo of Russia N 68 of February, 22 2008).

In order to enhance this System we:

  • developed and implemented methods of testing for the type approval of gaming machines and inspecting the gaming machines to ensure conformity to the type approved,
  • developed and launched special testing equipment (KIA 8x12, DM-32, DM-32M, DM-42),
  • developed the accreditation system for testing centers of gaming machines and as a result 87 testing centers were accredited within Russia,
  • developed the educational programs and carried out training of more than 350 specialists,
  • arranged and supported the specialized database “Register of Gaming Machines” that contains the data approximately 4000 approved types of gaming machines as well as the data for approximately 500,000 gaming machines which have passed inspection for conformance to the type approved for use in Russia.

In 2008 the new edition of Federal Law “On assurance of measuring uniformity” (N 102-FZ of June, 26, 2008) was approved, and according to it, gaming machines have not been already included in the field of state metrological regulation. At the same time, Regulations PR 50.2.023-2000 was not annulled and Rosstandart was supporting the functioning System of the type approval of gaming machines until September 2012. Since September 2012 Rosstandart has refused to do the type approval of gaming machines and in fact stopped the functioning System of the type approval of gaming machines. For its part, VNIIMS has also refused to do any kind of testing of gaming machines.

In this climate, taking into account that operators of gaming business in Russia demand a reliable system of conformity regarding the technical requirements of gaming machines, we have established the Certification System of Gaming Equipment (Certificate of registration N РОСС RU.З1022.04ФЖФ1 from 25 February 2013 issued by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology). The Certification System is established in accordance with Federal Law N 244-FZ, and taking into account the requirements of the Federal Law “On technical regulations”. The Certification System of Gaming Equipment is the successor to the previous Rosstandart System of type approvals for gaming machines. The procedures and the methods for testing under the new System is entirely resembles to the previous one (under Rosstandart). Furthermore, the new System takes stock of all the results we obtained over the last 12 years. In the interest of continuity, all type approval certificates issued previously by Rosstandart, as well as all the certificates of inspection of gaming machines issued by the accredited testing centers, will continue to be recognized until the expiration date.